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  • Amplify your message through advertising and marketing
  • 1,800 reasons to advertise
  • Deliver your message directly to thousands of senior higher education leaders. Make an impression through print, digital, and onsite vehicles.

  • Email Format

    Reach all ACE2019 attendees with these exclusive pre- and post-conference advertising opportunities that put your brand front and center.

    Attendee Registration Confirmation and Badge Preview Emails | RESERVED

    Your customized digital banner ad (200 px H x 600 px W), with hyperlink, will be included in the registration confirmation and badge preview emails sent to ACE2019 attendees.

    Post-ACE2019 Attendee E-Survey | RESERVED

    Keep your brand top of mind following the event with your customized digital banner ad included in the post-Annual Meeting e-survey. Your banner ad, with hyperlink, will be prominently featured on each page of the survey.

    ACE2019 Website

    Rotating and static banner ads on frequently visited pages of the website between September 2018 and March 2019.

    Home Page: Footer Banners (rotating) | $550/month, maximum of 3 per month

    Plan Your Trip Page: Right Sidebar Banner (static) | $550/month, maximum of 2 per month

    Registration Information Page: Right Sidebar Banner (static) | $550/month, maximum of 2 per month

    Schedule-at-a-Glance Page: Right Sidebar Banner (static) | $550/month, maximum of 3 per month

    Session Directory Page: Header Banner (rotating) | $550/month, maximum of 3 per month. Placements available for January, February, and March only

    Solutions Hub Floor Plan Page- Header Banner (rotating) | $300/month, maximum of 3 per month

    Reserve an ACE2019 website banner ad for two or more months (maximum of seven months) and receive a $50/month discount.

    ACE2019 Mobile App

    Put your brand in the hands of attendees with these digital advertising opportunities in the ACE2019 mobile app. This interactive digital program guide assists ACE’s 1,000+ attendees in navigating the Annual Meeting. The mobile app provides details about sessions and speakers, networking events, and exhibitor and sponsor profiles, as well as interactive hotel maps and the Solutions Hub floor plan.

    Banner Ads | $1,500 each (up to ten available)

    Questions? Contact the Advancement Office

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  • Onsite advertising opportunities are SOLD OUT for ACE2019!

    Column Clings and Wraps

    Draw attendees to your exhibit booth and brand with high-visibility branding on foyer columns located on Meeting Level 1, 4, and 5. The ACE2019 logo must appear at the top of the column cling.

    Meeting Level 1 Pricing

    • Columns Inside of Circ restaurant, Single Column, Lobby Level | $3,800 per column (up to four available)

    Meeting Level 4 Pricing

    • Full Column Wrap | $3,200 per column (up to two available)

    Meeting Level 5 Options and Pricing

    • Single Side Column | $3,200 per column (up to six available) OR
    • Round Column, Outside of Grand Ballroom, Single Column, Single-Side, Meeting Level 5 | $3,800 per column (up to two available)

    Elevator Clings

    Show off your brand, garner more attention, or help attendees find you in the Solutions Hub with these high-visibility graphics that will be displayed on the elevators that take attendees to and from the different meeting levels at the Marriott. Your customized graphics will be displayed on the exterior doors and/or interior back walls of the elevators and ACE2019 graphics will appear above the elevator doors.

    Options and Pricing

    • Single Elevator Exterior Doors | $1,050 per elevator (eleven available)
    • Single Floor Elevator Exterior Doors | $3,800 per floor (three available)
    • Exclusive Elevator Interior Back Walls | $4,800 (one available)

    Escalator Clings

    Make a splash with branded cling graphics on the meeting level escalators. Displayed facing outward on the side glass railings of the escalators that take attendees from the lobby to one or more of the meeting levels. ACE2019 graphics will appear on the top and bottom of the escalators, and your customized graphics will be featured on the rise.

    Options and Pricing

    • 1st to 2nd Floor | $15,500 (up to two available)
    • 2nd to 3rd Floor Escalator | $12,500 (up to two available)
    • 3rd to 4th Escalator (Left and Right Bank) | $12,500 (up to two available)
    • 4th to 5th Escalator (Left and Right Bank) | $12,500 (up to two available)
    • Escalator Middle Runner | $2,600 (one available)
      Show off your brand on this prominently located runner located between escalators from floor 1 to 2.
    • Escalator Header | $1,100 (up to four available)
      Deliver your message in an effective and creative manner on four separate headers that will be seen clearly by attendees as they ride the escalator from floor 2 down to the lobby.

    Bar Steps

    Capture the attention of attendees as they head up to the bar to socialize or as they walk past the three steps leading up to the bar area. Your customized graphics will be displayed on the vertical portion of each stair and span the entire platform.


    Bar Steps | $2,500 per column (up to three available)

    Sky Bridge Decals

    Unique to Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, display your customized graphics for both external and internal audiences on the Sky Bridge connecting the hotel to the convention center above street level.


    Sky Bridge | $4,000 per column (one available)

    Large wall space across from lobby lounge

    As attendees gather in the lobby area for check-in, check-out, or between sessions, bring attention to your brand with graphics displayed above the seated area. Customize your graphics to be located on the large wall space above the entrance to the hotel lobby lounge.


    Wall Space | $4,000 per column (one available)

    Digital Displays

    50″ wall mounted displays (non-exclusive) | $2,250 (three available)
    50″ wall mounted displays (exclusive w/ ACE only) | $3,500 (three available)

    Feature your brand on a mounted wall display located on Meeting Level 4 near registration and outside the entrance to the Solutions Hub (exhibit hall). Displays can play still or video files. Your messaging will rotate with ACE2019 messaging.

    Registration Bag Stuffers

    Brochure Inserts | $500 (five available)

    Extremely limited, high profile opportunity to place your brochure into the registration bag. Maximum brochure size 8.5″ x 11.”

    Promotion Gifts | $1,500 (two available)

    This limited availability opportunity presents the perfect outlet to provide an incentive or premium directly into the registration bag (e.g. phone chargers, USB, etc.). Item must be non-edible and approved by ACE in advance to ensure non-duplication of other promotional gifts. Items must be produced and sent to ACE in advance of stated deadline.

    Guest Room Messaging

    Hotel Key Cards | $10,000 (one available)

    Place your company’s logo and message in the hands of attendees with these customized key cards provided to all ACE2019 guest staying at the Marriott. Your messaging will appear on the front side of the card and ACE2019 branding will appear on the back.

    Guest Room “Do Not Disturb” Signs | $4,500 (one available)

    Keep your company’s message top of mind with branded, glossy 4″ x 7″ “Do Not Disturb” signs place on every guest room door at the Marriott (total of 850 rooms). Signs must include ACE2019 graphics, as well as the Marriott logo.

    In-Room Dark Channel | $2,275 (one available)

    Your brand will be featured on the in-room dark channel in all guest sleeping rooms at the Marriott. Displays can play still or video files. Your messaging will rotate with ACE2019 messaging.


    Questions? Contact the Advancement Office

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  • Print Advertising

    Print advertising opportunities are SOLD OUT for ACE2019!

    Standard, premium, and cover positions available in this 8.5″ x 11″ Annual Meeting reference resource. Ads may be full color or black and white. Cover ads appear on the inside front, inside back, and outside back covers and are full-page size, full color only. Premium ads appear on the back side of the section dividers and are full-page size, full color only. Standard ads appear throughout the program book and may be full-, half-, or quarter-page size and either color or black and white. Printed program is included in the ACE2019 registration bag.

    Twenty percent discount available for exhibitors.

    Print Advertising in ACE2019 Program Price Qty.
    Cover 2 (Inside Front) $2,325 1
    Cover 3 (Inside Back) $2,050 1
    Cover 4 (Outside Back) $2,550 1
    Section Tab Divider – Schedule-at-a-Glance $1,900 1
    Section Tab Divider – Sunday $1,900 1
    Section Tab Divider – Monday $1,900 1
    Section Tab Divider – Tuesday $1,900 1
    Section Tab Divider – Exhibitor Information $1,900 1
    Full Page, Four-Color $1,800 Unlimited
    Full Page, Black-and-White $1,260 Unlimited
    Half Page, Four-Color $1,075 Unlimited
    Half-Page, Black-and-White $750 Unlimited
    Quarter Page, Four-Color $675 Unlimited
    Quarter Page, Black-and-White $475 Unlimited


    Questions? Contact the Advancement Office

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