Why Attend ACE2017?

Ignite visionary ideas by joining us to learn and network with peers at the country’s premier higher education event—ACE2017, ACE’s 99th Annual Meeting. It brings together nearly 2,000 higher education leaders to generate collaborative conversations around ideas and best practices. Hear from thought leaders and news makers discussing the most pressing issues of the day to inspire bold solutions to your campus’s challenges. You’ll return from Washington, DC with practical ideas you can begin to implement on your campus right away.

Why ACE Fellows Should Attend ACE2017

Why Campus Leaders Should Attend ACE2017

Why Chief Academic Officers Should Attend ACE2017

Why Diversity Leaders Should Attend ACE2017

Why Presidents, Chancellors, and Rectors Should Attend ACE2017

Expand Your Network

ACE2017 offers attendees the opportunity to network with familiar colleagues as well as connect with new ones during special receptions and luncheon programs, offering participants a myriad of opportunities to further develop their professional network.

Bring Back What You Learned

Your institution upholds the values of professional development and continuous learning. By attending ACE2017, you will have the opportunity to address burning issues on your campus and learn more about something on the horizon at your college or university. Bring this information home to strengthen your campus.

Become a Leader

Whether you are a president, work at the cabinet level, or are a dean or director aspiring to a new position, ACE2017 will cover new trends and give you data-driven insights to provoke systemic thinking about leadership on your campus. The 99th Annual Meeting will be packed with important conversations about challenges facing higher education leaders as they work to make practical day-to-day decisions, build institutional capacity, and plan for future success.

Increase Your Institution’s Profile

Attending ACE’s Annual Meeting is an opportunity to prominently represent your institution within the higher education community at panels, roundtables, and receptions, as well as informal events.

Foster Education Attainment and Innovation

As more and more Americans take multiple paths and use new technologies to earn postsecondary credentials, ACE2017 provides an opportunity for higher education leaders to learn about the latest advances and their implications for the future of higher education.

Embrace and Encourage Diversity

ACE has a long-standing commitment to fostering greater diversity and inclusion in higher education. ACE2017 will feature diversity-themed events and discussions, from the diversity in campus leadership to examining how campuses can effectively seek to construct a diverse campus environment. Attend to hear from a number of major speakers from a diverse array of fields and perspectives.

Be Informed About Government Relations

As the leading voice for higher education in Washington, DC, ACE uses its Annual Meeting to provide a comprehensive update on the latest discussions taking place at the federal level. The Annual Meeting will provide valuable opportunities to obtain insight into what higher education leaders can expect from federal policymakers in the coming year, including a federal relations update by ACE Senior Vice President Terry W. Hartle.

Honor Service Members and Veterans

ACE2017 will offer programs and discussions to help institutions ensure active duty service member, veteran, and military family success in higher education.

Think Global Internationalization

In today’s global higher education landscape, it is critical that higher education leaders stay in touch with what’s happening around the world as well as domestically. ACE2017 will provide opportunities for attendees to engage in discussion around critical international education issues and connect with colleagues around the globe.

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