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  • Mark your personal calendar with events you want to attend.
  • View the full event schedule.
  • Rate and evaluate sessions you’ve attended.
  • Get notifications of special events and can’t-miss sessions.
  • See detailed information about speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors.
  • Log in to network with fellow attendees.
  • Use interactive maps to find your way around.

Logging into the app unlocks some exciting features:

  •   Take notes
  •   Share photos
  •   Rate sessions
  •   Join the attendee list
  •   Check in to sessions
  •   Share content via social media
  •   Connect with fellow attendees




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Enter to win a Kindle Fire HD10 by simply downloading the ACE2017 app. Show your device to an ACE employee in the Networking Lounge (Meeting Level 4) and you are entered!


Frequently Asked Questions about the App

Accessing the Web Version of the ACE2017 App

If you prefer, you can also access the app through your laptop or desktop. To network with other attendees and rate sessions, you’ll be required to login. Here’s how:

  • Click on Log In at the top right of the screen.
  • Enter your first and last name, and click Next.
  • Enter your confirmation code, or click Resend Code to have the code emailed to you.
  • Check your email for your confirmation code.
  • Click on Verify Account from the email.
  • Click on the “mobile web browser” link below the “Open App” button.
  • Your confirmation code will already be populated for you. All you have to do is click Finish. You’ll see a green checkmark indicating that your login was successful.

How to Use the ACE2017 App


In-App FAQs

Tap on the FAQs within the app’s navigation for more in-depth answers to questions about how to navigate and use the ACE2017 app. Find out how to:

  • Allow push notifications
  • Access directions to the hotel
  • Check notifications
  • Conference Badge Discounts (and participating locations)
  • Download PDFs within the app
  • Find Exhibit Hall hours
  • Hotel information (check-in times, business center location, hotel dining, nearby restaurants, etc.)
  • Managing your privacy within the app
  • Networking with other attendees
  • Posting to the Activity Feed
  • Posting to the Social Wall
  • Registration Desk location and hours
  • Searching within the app
  • Taking notes
  • Taking polls
  • Taking session surveys and pot-event surveys
  • Using maps and flooplans
  • Wi-Fi access

… and much more!

Logging into the App
    1. Download the ACE2017 App.
      Download Badge - App Store Download Badge - Google Play


  1. Open the app, click on the menu (3 lines) icon at the top left of the screen (phone only—tablet skip to #3)
  2. Tap the first option, “Log in for more features.”
  3. Enter your first and last name, and tap Next.
  4. You will be prompted to enter your email address and tap Next.
  5. Tap on Resend Code at the bottom.
  6. Check your email from your mobile device and tap the Verify Account button within the email.*
  7. Tap Open App to launch the ACE2017 app (or use the link to open in a web browser).
  8. The app will pre-fill your confirmation code for you. Tap Finish and you’re in!
  9. You should see your name in the top left of the screen.


It is important to check your email (step 7) from the same device used to login to the app. Otherwise the download process will not work.

Taking Session Surveys
  1. Tap the Schedule icon from the app’s navigation menu.
  2. Locate your chosen session and tap its name.
  3. On the session’s page, scroll down to the “Surveys” header and tap on Session Evaluation.
  4. Once you’ve answered, tap Next.
  5. When you’re done, tap Finish.
  6. You don’t have to finish right away–come back at any time to change your answers. We’ll save your progress until you get back.
  7. Tap Exit Survey to submit your responses.

Viewing Interactive Maps

To find out where sessions are taking place:

  • Click on the Hotel Floorplan icon in the app’s navigation menu.
  • Select a floorplan and tap on the pinpoint icon Location Pin icon-25px at the bottom to turn on the map pins.
  • Click on the red hotspots to see which events are taking place in that location, or which organizations are exhibiting in a particular booth.

Alternatively, you can open a session and tap on the room name at the top of the screen. A map will pop up pinpointing the location.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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